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From SBL to ... Euroleague Women

You may know him as the turnover prone, energizer bunny clone Loxley number 4, but basketball fans across Europe see a different side to Simon Unsworth as he establishes himself as an up and coming top level referee.
Simon has been officiating since he was 14 and has been refereeing regularly in the BBL for a number of years.
He successfully qualified as a FIBA referee - the highest qualification possible - in April 2010 after an intensive 18 month process. He is one of just five currently active FIBA referees in England.
Since his qualification Simon has been appointed by FIBA Europe to games across the continent in a wide geographical spread from Spain to Sweden and has also accompanied England junior national teams to three European Championships - on each occasion earning the honour of being appointed to the tournament final.
Already this season Simon has officiated a Eurochallenge game in France and a Euroleague Women game in Spain. His next appointments take him to Belgium for back-to-back games on November 15 and 16.
All involved at SBL wish Simon the best as his refereeing career continues.

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Image and video courtesy of Le Mans Sarthe Basket, France