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NuOla to sponsor Cup and Plate

Sheffield Basketball League are pleased to announce that this season's Cup and Plate competitions will be sponsored by NuOla and as such will be called the NuOla SBL Cup and the NuOla SBL Plate.
NuOla are a South Yorkshire based company that offer custom printed jerseys and team apparel -
NuOla founder Rudi Halfmann has been active in the Sheffield Basketball League since the late 90's when he attended Sheffield Hallam University and the birth of the company came from his frustration at not being able to find a company that could provide the designs he wanted.
Their sponsorship of the events will see them provide a prize of a free jersey for the MVP in each of the Cup and Plate finals as well as an exclusive discount to SBL clubs. SBL members wanting a new basketball kit from NuOla will receive 50% off the set up costs for their design. Anyone wanting to order a new kit should visit the NuOla website and contact Rudi for details.
Rudi commented: "Being involved with the best local league in the area for a long time, I know the playoffs are the time when form goes out of the window and teams want to win the prestigious competition. For that reason I wanted to award the MVPs of each competition a bespoke MVP shooting jersey for them to keep. One day be able to show their grandchildren and tell them about the time they won the Cup and were crowned the MVP."
SBL Secretary Peter Griffiths stated: "We are really pleased to have NuOla on board as sponsors of the SBL Cup and Plate competitions. Rudi has been a long time supporter of the league so it's great to have him involved. Hopefully, having a sponsor for the Cup and Plate will attract sponsors for our other competitions and activities."
In conjunction with the announcement of the sponsorship deal, we can also confirm the structure of the knockout competitions for the 2012/13 season.
All 21 SBL teams will take part in the NuOla SBL Cup, with the top five teams in Division 1 (as at February 2 2013) being advanced directly to the second round.
The eight teams that lose in the opening round of the NuOla SBL Cup will then be entered into the NuOla SBL Plate and both competitions will proceed on a knockout basis from that point.
This structure means that all teams have the possibility of winning the NuOla SBL Cup and that all but five teams will be guaranteed to have two extra games after the end of the league season.
The finals for both events are currently due for Wednesday May 22 2013, although this is open to change should it be required. The full details of the draws are below - teams will be assigned to their slots as per their league positions at February 2 2013. The dates of the fixtures are available on the Fixtures & Results page of our website.
NuOla SBL Cup
Round 1
6th Div2 - 7th Div2 A    
5th Div2 - 1st Div3 B    
1st Div2 - 5th Div3 C    
2nd Div2 - 4th Div3 D    
3rd Div2 - 3rd Div3 E    
4th Div2 - 2nd Div3 F    
7th Div1 - 6th Div3 G    
6th Div1 - 7th Div3 H    
  NuOla SBL Plate
Round 2 Round 1
1st Div1 - Winner A Loser A - Loser H
Winner C - Bye Loser E - Loser D
5th Div1 - Winner D Loser F - Loser C
4th Div1 - Winner E Loser B - Loser G
3rd Div1 - Winner F      
Winner H - Bye      
Winner G - Bye      
2nd Div1 - Winner B