Sheffield Basketball

Draws for 2012 SBL Cup & Plate

Having reached the start of February the current league positions have been used to determine the draw for the Cup and Plate competitions.
The teams that take part in the Cup and Plate will be decided by a round of 'Play-In' fixtures immediately after the league season finishes. Teams that win in the Play-In round will proceed into the Cup and teams that lose will participate in the Plate.
With 15 teams in the league, one team won't be taking part in the Play-In round, so current Division 1 leaders Loxley have been placed directly into the quarter-finals of the Cup.
In the current league standings a number of ties were needed to be broken to confirm the exact match-ups of the Play-In round. G-Corp were placed above Rotherham Rams due to defeating them twice in league play. Chesterfield were placed before Tenacious D on head-to-head record having lost 57-54 and won 78-67 in the two match-ups between the teams.
In Division 2 there was a three way tie to be broken between Sheffield Suns, Horbury Hornets and Storm, which was made a little bit more complicated by the uneven number of games played betwwen the team so far. Hornets were placed top of the tie due to having defeated Suns in their one match-up and having the head-to-head edge over Storm (48-40, 62-65). Suns and Storm have only met once and Suns won 77-52, so they were placed ahead of Storm.
The full details of the draw are below -
Wed 11-Apr-12 7:00pm PI1 G-Corp - Storm
Wed 11-Apr-12 8:30pm PI2 Tenacious D - Retford Raiders
Wed 18-Apr-12 7:00pm PI3 Rotherham Rams - Sheffield Suns
Wed 18-Apr-12 8:30pm PI4 MLS Sharks - South Yorkshire Police
Wed 25-Apr-12 7:00pm PI5 Rotherham Hawks - Horbury Hornets
Wed 25-Apr-12 8:30pm PI6 Team Screen (Chesterfield) - Foulstone Flyers
Thu 26-Apr-12 7:00pm PI7 Worksop - Hillsborough


Thu 26-Apr-12 8:30pm Cup1 Loxley - Winner PI2
Wed 09-May-12 7:00pm Cup2 Winner PI1 - Winner PI4
Wed 09-May-12 8:30pm Cup3 Winner PI7 - Winner PI5
Thu 10-May-12 7:00pm Cup4 Winner PI3 - Winner PI6


        Loser PI2 - Bye
Thu 10-May-12 8:30pm Plate 1 Loser PI1 - Loser PI4
Wed 16-May-12 7:00pm Plate 2 Loser PI3 - Loser PI6
Wed 16-May-12 8:30pm Plate 3 Loser PI5 - Loser PI7