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From SBL to ... London 2012

Whilst you're whiling away the hours waiting for the start of the 2012/13 SBL season this summer, you might find yourself watching the no doubt ubiquitous TV coverage of the the 2012 Olympics.
If you do, a quick game of 'Spot the SBL member' might be in order given the number of individuals from our small league that will be in action in some way or another during the Games.
The most high profile participant and probably the most visible during the Games will be Toni Minichello, who plays for MLS Sharks. Toni has been coaching Jessica Ennis since she began her athletics career and will be doing so in London as she challenges for the heptathalon gold medal.
Jess, also from Sheffield, is the reigning European champion and also won the World Championship in ths same event in 2009 and could probably be considered to be the face of UK Athletics, so we can hope to see plenty of shots of a smiling Toni in the stadium as Jess does her stuff.
Perhaps more difficult to spot will be a phalanx of officials for the Basketball and Wheelchair Basketball events who call the SBL home.
Craig Costello (SBL referee), Pete Griffiths (Loxley), Todd Stuart (Loxley) and Sarah Wood (SBL table official) will all be in London throughout the Olympic Basketball and Paralympic Wheelchair Basketball tournaments as official statisticians and Janine Timms (SBL table official) and Jo Walton (SBL referee and table official) will be joining them for the Paralympics as Table Officials.
Five of the group - Todd was back home in Canada at the time - have already had a taste of the Olympic Park and the Basketball Arena in particular as they attended the London Invitational Test Event last summer as part of the selection and training process for their Olympic roles.
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Images courtesy of BBC (Minichello) and Daniel Brookes (Costello)