Sheffield Basketball

New rules for new season

A new basketball season means new rules - both league-specific and changes to the global rules of basketball.

Firstly, league-related there have been some minor changes to some wordings and the addition of a further rule.

Rule 2.4 (relating to nominated fives) has been re-worded to explicitly state that the league committee will review nominated fives on a regular basis and also to encourage clubs to contact the league committee if they have issues with another club's nominated five.

Rule 2.5 has been added to place further restrictions on 'playing up/down' for clubs that have more than two teams in the league. It was felt that last season too many players were able to play for too many teams. The rule has installed a hard limit so that if a player plays more than twice for a team, they are no longer eligible to play for any team that is more than one team lower within their club. For example if a player plays 3 games for the 'first' team they are no longer eligible to play for the 'third' team (or lower) that season.

Rule 4.3 (relating to match balls) has been re-worded to give preference as a match ball to a ball that has recently been the official ball of Basketball England when the official ball is not available. This is to reflect that Basketball England has changed their official ball to the Wilson Solution. We will once again run a Ball Fund this season for clubs that wish to purchase balls (more details to follow), but we added this wording to the rule to indicate that if a Wilson Solution is not available then a Spalding TF1000 (the official ball last season) should be used if available.

There are then a number of changes to the official rules of basketball. The changes are summarised in this document from FIBA.

The main changes of interest are that a Technical foul no longer carries a penalty of possession to the opponents. When a Technical foul is called the game will stop for a free throw and will then resume from where it left off. For example if a player from Team A is dribbling the ball, but is then called for a Technical foul, Team B will be entitled to a free throw and then the game will resume with a throw in for Team A.

Also changing is the rule in relation to 'advancing' the ball after a timeout towards the end of the game. The coach calling a timeout now has the option of whether or not they want to advance the ball. If they choose to advance the ball they shall have only 14 seconds on the shot clock.

A number of other rules relating to the shot clock have changed. Now if your opponents commit an offensive foul in their backcourt, or throw the ball out of bounds in their backcourt, then because your new possession will start in the front court you will only have 14 seconds on the shot clock.

Similarily you will only have 14 seconds on the shot clock in the possession following an Unsportsmanlike or Disqualifying foul. This is tied into the fact that the throw-in following a foul of this type has been moved from the half-way line to the the frontcourt throw-in line.

Some smaller changes of note are that a player may now receive a Technical foul if they delay a throw in by their opponents in the final 2 minutes by crossing the bounday line with a part of their body and also that throwing the ball off the backboard is no longer classified as a dribble, so it is legal to throw yourself an alley-oop following a dribble.