Sheffield Basketball


1.1 Two points shall be awarded for a win and zero points for a loss.
1.2 Rules of play shall be the current rule of FIBA with the additions and exceptions contained in the League Rules of Play.
1.3 Division winners shall be the team securing the greatest number of league points on a completion of the competition. In the event of an equality of points, ties shall be broken as per FIBA rules.
1.4 The League Committee shall decide the organisation and formation of the League and divisions. Promotion and relegation from season to season will be at the discretion of the League Committee based on results and information gathered from clubs as to their expected team strength for the upcoming season. New teams will normally enter at the lowest tier of competition, but the Committee can place new teams higher up the ladder based on knowledge of the strength of teams. At all times the balance of competition and number of fixtures for each team in the league will be the guiding factors.
1.5 Trophies shall be awarded each season. These trophies shall remain the property of the League. The trophies shall be returned immediately upon request and in any case no later than 14 days after the written request. Any damage shall remain the responsibility of the club in possession at the time and cost of repair/replacement must be made by that club.
1.6 Postponements and fixture alterations will only be granted in exceptional circumstances. Any team wishing to postpone a match must contact the League Secretary at least 14 days before the game is due to be played. The League Secretary will rearrange the fixture as soon as possible.

If a team finds out that they cannot make a game less than 14 days before it is due to played, they should contact the League Secretary as soon as possible. The League Secretary will attempt to fill the fixture slot, but if they are not able to do this the team in question will be fined £30.

Any team that does not attend a fixture shall be considered to have forfeited.
1.7 Any team that does not attend three times in a season shall be disqualified from the League except in exceptional circumstances as directed by the League. In these circumstances all games played shall be expunged. Any fees already paid by a team may be retained by the league.
1.8 If a team has not paid their league fees and game night fees they shall not be allowed to participate in a fixture. Should this occur, it will count as a forfeited game. The referees on the night are responsible for collecting any game night fees from participating teams before tip-off.
1.9 Tip-off times are to be set by the Committee. Both teams must have the opportunity to have a minimum of 5 minutes warm up period subject to the start of a game.
1.10 In the event of a colour clash the team listed as the home team shall change.
2.1 Teams must register all participating players with the league, The league will be responsible for registering players with Basketball England and checking that all players are registered.
Where a player, coach or official has registered with Basketball England through another organisation, evidence of registration must be provided to the league secretary before participation in the league's competitions will be permitted.
2.2 Each team must submit a League Player registration form to the League Secretary at least 2 weeks before their first game of the season. Additional players can be registered throughout the season up until February 28. After this date, teams may request the registration of further players only if their ability to fulfil their remaining fixtures can be shown to be in doubt. Such additions will be subject to approval by the League Committee.
2.3 Any new players joining the league throughout the season must register with the League Secretary prior to participating in their first game.
2.4 Clubs with more than one team in the league shall provide the League Secretary with a list of five players for each team except the lowest on the ladder - so a club with four teams shall provide three lists of five players. Each player included on a list may play only for the team they are listed for and any above them in the ladder. The Management Committee may request that a club changes their lists of players if they feel that the club are going against the spirit of the rule by 'playing down' their stronger players. The Management Committee may also impose retroactive penalties, i.e. forfeiting affected games, if they feel that a team has benefited by flouting this rule. The Management Committee will review these lists on a regular basis and encourage any clubs with issues or queries on the make up of an opponent's list(s) to contact us.
2.5 Clubs with more than two teams in the league shall be subject to further limitations on which teams their players can appear for within a season. Once a player has played three or more games for a team, they are no longer eligible for any team that is not that team or the 'next' team in the club hierarchy - even if they do not appear on any list of nominated players. For example, once a player has played three games for a club's 1st team, they can no longer play for the 3rd team or lower in the same season.
2.6 There is no limit on registration of National League player licence holders for a club. However, there are limits on how many senior National League players a team may name in their squad for a game. These limits are linked to the competition in which the game is taking place -
Division 1, Cup - maximum 3 senior National League players
Division 2, Plate - maximum 2
Division 3, Shield - maximum 1
Any lower divisions or competitions - no senior National League players allowed
2.7 A player may only play for one club within the league. Players wishing to transfer from one club to another must first request approval from the League Secretary. A fee of £10 will be incurred for every transfer and a player may only transfer up to two times in any given season. A player must not play for the new team until approval has been granted. A ban of that player and possible forfeit of the fixture may occur if this rule is broken. No transfers are to be allowed after the player registration deadline.
2.8 Where it is apparent that teams are consistently struggling to field the minimum number of players required the Committee may require the team to take actions to address the situation or withdraw that team from the league completely.
3.1 The league will be responsible for the appointment of officials.
3.2 Qualified officials shall be appointed by the Committee to all fixtures; this may include newly qualified officials who are taking ‘qualification’ games.
3.3 Where an appointed referee fails to arrive, a suitable replacement if available should be found to ensure that the game proceeds. If a substitute referee cannot be found either team or the other referee may opt not to play the game. A game can take place with only one referee if BOTH teams are in agreement prior to tip off. In such circumstances the lone referee shall receive one third of what would have been their co-officials' game fee. The remaining two-thirds shall be split equally and returned to the affected teams.

If the game does not take place due to the failure of official(s) to turn up, the League Secretary must be informed within 48 hours and a further date will be arranged for the game to be replayed.
4.1 The league shall provide an official score pad and keep a cumulative visual record of the scores throughout the game.
4.2 All teams shall wear a consistent kit with clearly marked numbering in line with FIBA regulations.
4.3 Both team shall provide a suitable match ball for their games. The preferred match ball of the league be the official ball of Basketball England. If one of these is not present, the referee will choose a match ball from those available with a preference given to a ball that has most recently been the official ball of Basketball England.
4.4 Where the scoresheet has been signed under protest a written explanation must be sent within 48 hours to the League Secretary. The referee is also required to send a report within this timescale. Other officials are not required to submit a report unless requested to do so by the League Secretary.
5.1 A knockout cup competition(s) will be held during each season - the format to be decided upon by the Committee.
5.2 Under no circumstances will a player be permitted to play for more than one team in the cup competitions. This includes players within a club with more than one team. Each player may only represent one of the teams in knockout competitions. Players who transfer to a new club after having played in a knockout game will be 'cup tied'.
5.3 All League rules of play apply where applicable.
5.4 If the knockout competitions include a 'Play In' round (winners into one competition, losers into another) teams are expected to do their best to win any 'Play In' fixtures. Teams are not permitted to try to lose a game in order to be entered into the lower ranked competition. If a team is suspected of trying to lose a game on purpose the Committee shall have the power to bring disciplinary action against the team.
Any team that forfeits their Play In game will not be allowed to participate in any related knockout competitions that season.
6.1 A game will be forfeited by the offending team in any of the following situations -
  • Non-attendance at match (subject to Rule 1.7)
  • Playing a player under a false name
  • Team walk off from a match or other inappropriate behaviour
  • Unauthorised postponement
  • Playing an individual not registered with the league
  • Failing to pay league fees and/or game night fees prior to fixture
7.1 The league committee shall set the amount of any fines. All disciplinary matters will be dealt with by the Disciplinary Officer (DO) and League Committee.
7.2 All fines must be paid within 14 days of receipt. Failure to comply will result in the fine being increased every 14 days until payment is received.
7.3 Fines will generally be a standard amount based on the infraction. The amount can be increased at the discretion of the DO or League Committee if the action is deemed worthy of a larger penalty -
  • Playing an individual not registered with the league - £10 per player per game
  • Disqualifying Foul - £10 and one game ban
  • Team failure to turn up for game without notifying the league 7 days in advance - full game fee
8.1 Should any match be postponed for any reason players who were ineligible will remain ineligible for the re-arranged fixture. If a scoresheet is completed for the game and for whatever reason the game is abandoned and replayed, then only players on the original scoresheet will be eligible to play unless prior permission is sought from the League Secretary.
8.2 The table officials are responsible for ensuring that the scoresheet is correctly filled in with the names of the players to allow the League to ensure that only registered and eligible players participate in games.
9.1 All disciplinary matters to be sent to the disciplinary officer (DO), who will then have the power to choose a sub committee of three (3) people (includes DO) to liaise, ponder, and judge on any action to be taken. The members must not have any connection to the incident which they are judging.
9.2 For in game incidents (including any disqualifying foul, other than for Unsportsmanlike or Technical fouls) reports by the game officials are to be sent to DO within 72 hours of the incident in writing/Email.
9.3 All disqualifications, other than for Unsportsmanlike or Technical fouls, will carry an automatic one-match ban, which the Committee will notify the team concerned / match officials of the game in which the player is to miss. This ban cannot be appealed against.
9.4 Nothing in rule 9.3 prevents the DO and Committee from taking disciplinary action against a player for being disqualified from a game for a combination of unsportsmanlike fouls and/or technical fouls.
9.5 All participants of the League are also subject to the League's Social Media Policy and infringements of this policy are to be dealt with by the DO in a similar manner to as described above.
9.6 Any team wishing to appeal will be required to submit a cheque for £25 along with the appeal letter to the DO. If received the DO will have a further look into the original reports with a further 2 members of the committee or if no one available 2 independent members of the league. Providing all time scales are met a decision will be made within 72 hours following receipt of the appeal. If successful teams will be notified of the new decision their monies returned. However if not successful the original decision will stand, teams will be notified accordingly and the league will retain the appeal fee.