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The latest stats from the league

We get as many statistics from the scoresheets as possible, including Points, 3's, Fouls and MVP votes.


A lot of our statistical data is contained on the team pages.

Visit any of the teams pages for their statistics.

Key Points
  • Who is their best scorer?
  • Who is their best 3 point shooter?
  • Do they commit lots of fouls?
  • As a team do they score lots but give up lots of points too?
  • And more...

You will be able to see who are the best 3 point shooters on your opponent's team, figure out if the go to the foul line a lot, or do they commit a lot of fouls per game. You could also see how you did last time you played them.

We are also open to any suggestions of how else you wish to view the stats so if you have any ideas, send them through using the details in our contact page.

Stats help you prepare for the next game by seeing which of your opponent's players are putting up the numbers.

Statisics help to prepare for games

As the season progresses, more stats will become available and when something new appears, it will be announced on this website and through the Sheffield Basketball League social network groups.

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